Contest & Mini Party!

23 11 2009

Hey Guys MegaMuffin Here!
I’m Going To Do The Coins Contest! But I’m Going To Add More Coins! Now You Will Get 20,000 Coins If You Win! The Sub-Winner Will Get 5000 Coins! & The Person To Guess The Features Gets 5500 Coins! If The Winner Guesses The Features, He Will Get 25,500 Coins! And Sub-Winer Guessed He’d Get 11,000 Coins! And We Are Also Having A MiniParty For 2 Reasons!
1. 9,000 Hits!
2. I Got A New Cat! (Yay)
(The Party Details Will Be Below The Contest)

Ok The Contest Is! How Many Friends Have I Got? The Closest Answer Will Win! 2nd Closest Will Win The Sub Prize!
Ok The Features Are… What Are My Dragons Age (They Both Same Age) & How Many Coins Have I Got (I Have Inbetween 50-0 Coins! You Can Only Guess Once For This Whole Competition!)
If You Guess *ALL* Features Correctly You Win 5500 Coins (By Correctly I Meen Closest Answer)

I Will Also Be Giving Out A Special Panda 100,000 Coins Once I Get 300 Followers! Once I Get 300 Followers! I’ll Scroll Through All My Panda Followers, And See Who…Then I’ll Write Down All Their Names On My Computer, The Print Of All Their Names! Then Cut Them Out And Stick Em Into My Hat, Shake My Hat About Then Pick A Random Card, And I’ll Post The Winner On Here!
If You Win Send Your Contact Details To:

Party Details:
The Party Will Be Thursday 12Am Greenwich MeanTime: London,Lisbon,Wales & American Central: 7Pm…
It Will Be A Server Willow At Bear Hollow!
I’ll Be Will Be Adding Everyone!
I May Have Some Special Guests Come Like:

So Hope You Can Make It! (I Might Be Announcing The Winners At The Party Aswell!)

Cya Guys!,



2 12 2009








Zengrong- An untrustable guy – Scammer, Cheater, Lier, Faker & Everthing Bad!

30 11 2009

Well, have you met Zengrong? He’s an untrustable guy. Wanna see whom he copies? He’s saying only I copy, I believe I copy, but you can’t just blame anyone if you yourself copy someone elses. Isn’t it? I’ve got some proof:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Can’t See? here’s all the link prooving Zengrong as faker, Cheater and scammer. This will englargen each and every picture respectively from above. Click to view more clearly!


So here were the proof’s and these are 100% real. Isn’t it surprising? You can’t just blame anyone else if he/she is doing anything bad. First off all u need to blame and improve yourself then only you can tell others. This gives me and you both a learning. I myself say I copy but from now on …!I’ll Update myself! But I really don’t know Zengrong and he’s just untrustable guy. So you can never ever trust him. Get a life Zengrong! be sure to take my (Ayush’s) Side in the fight 😀

-Ayush, Really very unhappy and scammed by Zengrong!

Introducing, Sega!

24 11 2009

Hey Pandas!

I’m Sega, the brand new author thing that comes to Pandanda Members. x]. Yes, as you may have noticed, I have a sense of humor. I like pizza. x] I will try to post as much as I can for Pandanda Members, this is the FIFTH (yes FIFTH) blog including CP ones that I work on! Thats alot, right? Well thats all for now… um… walk on?


Henry Has Contest!

23 11 2009

Hi Pandas, Today I’m super excited to kick off our latest contest. The contest is to help me think of a really great name, one that is worthy of being given to a fiery red dragon. Once you have thought about it, email your answer to us along with the name of your Panda. There is a limit to one entry per email address (the one you used when you created your panda) per day. There will be one Grand Prize for the winner and it’s really awesome! The winner will be announced on Saturday November 28th in my blog. Prizes: There will be one Grand Prize. You will be one of the first to own the latest and incredibly cool official Dragon Gear merchandise (which includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, magnets, stickers and mousepads etc). The winner will receive an email gift certificate for $50.00USD that they can use to get the gear of their choice, like the items shown below.

 Click the image to see the items at the store. To submit your entry (have your parent or guardian help you): 1.Read and obey the rules. Entering the competition means that you and your parent/guardian agree to the rules. If you are under 13 years old, please ask your parent or guardian to review them with you, along with our website terms of use specifically with regard to the use of submissions you send to us. 2.Ask your parent or guardian to email your entry to from their email address, the one they used when they signed you up for Pandanda. 3.Type the words “Dragon Naming Contest” in the subject line of the email. 4.Type your Panda name in the text of the email for example “Panda Name: Paige.” 5.Do NOT include your real name, house address or phone number. 6.Email your entry to Pandanda to receive it no later than Friday, November 27th at 11:59pm, Pacific Standard Time (PST). There is a limit of one entry per valid email address per day. A complete list of contest rules can be found here. I can’t wait to name my pet Dragon!



Isn’t This Awesome Or What?  I Have Already Sent In My Name! I Think Its Cool Henry Will Give Us $50 As U Win! I’ll Buy The Pandanda Fiery Dragon Mouse Mat 😉

Comment What’cha Think…


New Record!

21 11 2009

Hey Guys! We Just Had 13 People Online At Once! Woot-Woot! Isn’t That Great! I Am Also Buying A Pwnage Domain For The Blog! & I’m Doing A Contest Soon! Please Vote For A Contest…

1. Coins Contest (Winner Gets 5000 Coins*Non-Member Safe* )

2.Furniture Contest (Winner Gets All Furniture)

3.Clothes Contest (Winner Gets All Clothes *Except Beta*)

4.Coins/Furniture/Clothes Contest (Winner Gets All*Extremely Hard To Win)

You Decide By Commenting!

Sub-Contest Will End On Sunday!

New Pages!

20 11 2009

Hey Guys MegaMuffin Here! Check Out The New Pages! I Will Be Adding Alot More Soon!